Episode 63: PROOF I’m Growing Younger Not Older

My company really likes to promote that we try and be healthy. I don’t blame them. Health bills are expensive. I know. I bought myself a titanium toe.

So with our health in mind, the company’s insurance website has a general health assessment on it. This is a cheap replacement for a real doctor. I take every year or two. It asks lots of questions about everything from the amount of alcohol I’m not drinking to my excessive speeding when driving to my incredibly healthy cholesterol levels.

At the end, it assesses your health, gives you a score and calculates your “appraised age” compared with U.S. average scores for people of the same sex, age and lifestyle habits.*

I’ve taken the assessment four times in my career at my company. Here are a summary of my results:

11-10-2005: Score of 97 and appraised age of 27.

05-12-2006: Score of 97 and appraised age of 27.

03-20-2008: Score of 97 and appraised age of 27.

03-02-2010: Score of 100 and appraised age of 26.

Ha! Take that insurance company. I’m getting YOUNGER. I’m amazing.

My predictions for next year’s test:

03-26-2011: Score of 110 and appraised age of 23.5!

*Lifestyle habits don’t actually relate to how old one actually ACTS. I’d probably score lower if that were the case. Unless it’s typical for a 29-year old to do jumping jacks in her cube after lunch. (They helped me stay awake.)

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