No Picture from Poor, Sick Larrie

This morning, I was staring at the orange juice and bits of banana that had been my breakfast and was now spewed in the dirt by my parked car. I thought: I could take a picture of this puke and make it the cell phone picture of the week. And then common sense tapped me on the shoulder: “That’s disgusting Larrie. Instead, you need to just go inside to get ready for your meeting and don’t forget some gum.”


Sorry there’s no pic today. But that means you can post comments on last week’s pic until next week when I decide not to regurgitate my breakfast in the xeriscaping at work and instead have a cute little picture of a cat, or something, to post.

Good idea.

P.S. My meeting went great.


2 thoughts on “No Picture from Poor, Sick Larrie

  1. next time I puke, I’ll try and have the sense to take a picture of it instead of worrying about if I have gum or a toothbrush


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