Episode 62: Valentine’s at Work

I loved Valentine’s Day as a kid because of ONE reason: Valentine’s boxes.

I can remember for weeks trying to come up with some way to build a castle with a working drawbridge or a 3-foot tall mailbox. None of these ideas got past the design-on-paper phase, but I had some elaborate drawings for them. Eventually, I ended up with a shoebox covered in foil. I went through a lot of shoeboxes in elementary school.

It’s not quite the same at work because people just keep on working. Luckily, today wasn’t so bad as I received three gifts, two that I could eat (cupcake and lunch) and the other that I could have eaten when I was a kid. (Please don’t judge me for having eaten rose petals when I was young. I heard they were a good source of lycopene… or something.)

Don’t you wish, though, that we made Valentine’s boxes at work? I have an idea for one that would require MULTIPLE shoe boxes, attached to my fabric cubicle walls with Velcro, in a descending fashion so the valentines dropped in the slot at the door of my cubicle would fall in my lap at my desk without having to get up or even turn around.

Can you just imagine what some of the Valentine’s boxes of a bunch of IT nerds might be like?


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