Quoting Larrie the High School Kid

I felt like collecting a hodgepodge of “goodness” from the pages of my high school journal. Have you ever done that? See, I have this thing where I really like lists. I make them in paragraphs, in bulleted formats and in my head when I should be sleeping. So this is a fun list because it’s random quotes from me my senior year of high school. Enjoy!

All we ever want is someone to say, “I love you.”

I am from a warm home where the backdoor never finds itself locked.

I am myopic.

I am waiting for lunch. My tummy has been growling ever since second period started.

Too many times, my sister and I had to struggle with too-thick tights, faded pink leotards and toe-crushing slippers before climbing with reluctance into the car headed for ballet.

Trapped within a playground, forced to learn, we must set something free, so we borrow oranges.

A clock downstairs bongs; I lay exhausted in bed, waiting for lost sleep.

Take two pills each week: anti-senioritis vitamins plus.

She pulled out a knife, began cutting, and the singers collapsed on the cake.

A short story is like a pinball game. It’s gotta have all the crap in the middle.

Take your character, stick ‘em in a tree, throw rocks at ‘em and then get ‘em down.

I grew a few inches Friday night dancing with Lance.

“How long until your baby’s due?” they asked my full stomach.

It popped three times when my ankle found that hole.

Winning isn’t everything, but it can be.

Exciting underwear can cheer up any day.

Although the stranger, snow, had intruded upon the season, she knew it was spring when she caught herself fantasizing romances.

Standing a foot away, looking like a turtle climbed out of his shell, Jeff turned his head slight degrees lost in confusing thoughts.

I write with the hope of a beauty blossoming from the bulbs and seeds I plant in my college-ruled soil.

I write, because this, too, will pass.


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