Episode 60: Larrie’s Home Office

With the new job, there is more flexibility to work from home. This is a great thing, especially on the days when I don’t feel like actually brushing my hair (most days) or putting on shoes and socks (all days). What this usually means is that I wake up later than a typical day (since I don’t HAVE to shower before getting online), lean out of bed to grab the heavy laptop backpack, pull the laptop out of it and turn it on. I type in my password about ten times (to turn the laptop on, to unlock it, to connect to VPN, to connect to applications, etc, etc) and wa la, I’m at work.

As I’m sitting here, currently in the office, typing this, I’m noticing the “distractions” in the office environment that are attempting to steal away my focus.

One: constant chit chat.

First off, on the other side of my wall, almost all day long are two coworkers that share a larger cube and talk and talk and talk. I’d say about 60% of the time they’re talking about work, but I’ve also heard all about the weekend where one of them slept almost the whole time (seriously) and even fell asleep in Sherlock Holmes.

Two: obnoxious cell phone ring tones.

Next, there are the cell phones. I always have mine on vibrate at work, but plenty of people don’t and I’m pretty sure that those are the people who get ALL of their calls when they’re not at their desk, but their phone is.

Three: dinging computers.

Continuing on, we have computer sounds up next. I have a neighbor whose laptop speakers are turned up and so I know every time he gets an email. You wouldn’t think that would be annoying except for the fact that it sounds just like my laptop does (through my headphones) when I get an email so I keep checking Outlook when there isn’t a new message.

Four: people that walk around.

After that, there are people that walk by. I sit with my back to my cubicle door and so you’d think I wouldn’t notice them, but no, those eyes of mine in the back of my head have great vision, no correction necessary and let me know when somebody walks by so that I can turn around and check who it is.

Five: face-to-face needs.

Last, there are those people who don’t just walk by, but they stop by. In the new job, they mostly just stop by to talk about work, but it does mean that I have to stop whatever project I was working on to discuss the needs of the person standing in front of me.

So back to working from home. I have none of these distractions so I get quite a lot done, but there is one minor problem: I don’t have a home office. This means that I end up working in bed, sitting on the couch, or at the kitchen table. This isn’t too bad because, as you can tell, I get to move around a lot. However, those locations aren’t quite as comfortable as the fancy-dancy chair I have at my desk at work.

I thought about setting up a home office.

Then I remembered that I don’t have any room anymore.

So I might just get me a wireless keyboard/mouse and hook my laptop up to the TV in the front room. Now THAT’s some working real estate. Course then my roommate, if she’s home, too, can’t watch TV.


  1. Weren’t you one of my office distractions? I had to have my own visitor chair just for you and Alan Head. Weird. -That and Diet Coke Breaks.


    1. I was a secretary… like I had enough work to do the entire day (like all the piles of paper just waiting for Fridays to be filed)


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