Go Ahead, February, Do Your Worst

It’s the first day of February. Do you realize what that means? You made it through January.


Now, how are you going to make it through February?

I’m planning on doing it the same way I got through January: by being excessively busy. Sometimes a girl just needs reasons to get out of bed during dreary winter months. Also, she needs reasons not to fall asleep on the couch when she gets home from work.

I want to tell you, internet, that I have been consistent with going to the gym. This definitely helped me get through the last month and I have no plans to change that for February. Other things I did last month: played lots of soccer, played ward basketball, went to the temple several times, spent plenty of time in the eucalyptus-scented hot tub at my parents, ate crepes, joined a dinner group, shopped (gasp), went to movies (I heart Fantastic Mr. Fox), worked, thought about things I should write, visited girls in my ward, and watched prices on flights to London drop slightly.

There was one day that I didn’t quite resist the desire to curl up and hibernate when the morning rolled around. Luckily, though, it was a Sunday morning so all I had to miss was choir practice. Totally fine by me.

Bring on February. It’s a short month.

3 thoughts on “Go Ahead, February, Do Your Worst

  1. Hey – I have a book for you. I think you might like it. It’s called “The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance”. Come on over and pick it up. It will give you something to do for February…. Or at least a few nights.


    1. I remember where you live…
      I’m just waiting to stop by for a time when you LEAST expect it. But not a time in the middle of the night when you would call a cop on me.


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