Thinking About Dogs and Their Noses

I wrote this when I was 20. I even remember, a little, that I was sitting in the tiny bedroom at my parents’. It was the school year where I took time off from Utah County to stay with my parents, attend the community college for a few classes and earn some money to pay for the next year down at BYU. It was also a year of excessively random journal entries. Like this one. This is ALL I wrote for the day. Who comes up with these things?


What is it about riding in cars for dogs? Why do they absolutely love it? Why do they always want to stick their head out the window? (You’d think their nose would freeze on cold days.)

It was one of those days – when a dog’s wet nose freezes on a car ride.



  1. I often wonder the same thing. Why do some humans (maybe all) love to stick their heads and bodies through sunroofs?

    I wish Therapy Thursdays would make a comeback.


  2. Its the smells they say. A dog’s super sensitive nose thrills to a whole cornucopia of passing aromas. So they say. Only the dog “nose” for sure.


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