Episode 59: Some People Call Me Tim… or Scrum Master

Remember how we decided that I could now go by Master Larrie? I earned the title and all: wrote the papers, virtually attended the classes, read loads of boring textbooks, read one interesting novel, had meetings in Second Life, and had professors hood me in a ceremony.

Now I’m here to tell you to add another word to that title.

Ready for the new title?

Okay, here it is.

Call me Scrum Master Larrie.

That’s my new job.

Technically it’s the unofficial title, but I AM THE SCRUM MASTER for our new costing application we’re developing at work.

Isn’t that HOT?!

I know, right?

And now you might be wondering what in the world a scrum master is. Clearly, I am not manly enough to play rugby nor do I even understand the rules enough to follow the game particularly well despite the numbers of BYU rugby games I attended back in the day.

It’s funny to be called the Master of a word that basically means Hubbub.

I kind of like that title better anyway: Hubbub Master.

Or maybe Hubbub Guru. Lots of U’s makes for a great title.

Obviously, if you know much about me, you know that I live in the IT work world where we have no rugby players and very few athletes all around. Despite how talented I am at getting tripped up in soccer, the new job title has nothing to do with sports.

Instead, it’s my new project management title.

But doesn’t it sound cooler than IT project manager? We have those here, too. I’m not sure what they do other than send me invites to meetings I’m not sure I want to attend and have really detailed agendas for those meetings.

As for me, I make my little team meet every morning to talk about how our day went and how we feel about our next tasks and whether or not we feel like accomplishing those. And then I crack the whip and say, work work work, people. They love it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title of this post, nobody actually calls me Tim. It’s just a quote from a movie, if you know it…

3 thoughts on “Episode 59: Some People Call Me Tim… or Scrum Master

  1. @zedd – how embarrassing that I messed up the quote. yes, it was tim the enchanter

    @janet – you think my company would pay for me to get certified? silly janet… and now you are even more of my hero


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