Why Eat Your Cheesecake from the Pointy End First?

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: High five, Janet! Loved the fact that you smack-talked Snape in your comment. And to blog nod Janet: all my life (I’m sure of it), I’ve wanted to be like her so I finally made my move to become a BA at work, only to find out that she added an I to her job title. What’s a Business INTELLIGENCE Analyst? That sounds smart…


3 thoughts on “Why Eat Your Cheesecake from the Pointy End First?

  1. Thank you, thank you. I’m glad to see your appealing to my biggest weakness – my ego. I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible. (By little people, I mean the little people of Hatch Family Chocolates. God bless them.)

    This week’s caption:

    Friends don’t let friends leave cheesecake uneaten.

    Business Intelligence Analyst ==> SQL Monkey.


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