Bring On January

Do you remember what you were doing the afternoon of New Year’s Eve? I remember one of the items on my busy* agenda: stopping by Laura’s with Maren to make up a song about the depressing month of January with Annalisa as well. That’s my sister and my two cousins and I must say, our free-style song absolutely caught the glorious depression that is the month of January.

Welcome to the funk that is the first month of the year.

And right now, I have nothing inspiring or funny to write.

I blame January.

What a let down. Seriously.

So instead, how about I’ll just tell you that I received a gift in the mail today that briefly brought me out of the funk (oh, and I played dodgeball and worked out so that helps, too). Rich Stowell sent me a signed copy of his book, Nine Weeks. I read one chapter a few months ago when I helped edit it so I’m excited to read the entirety. I’ll let ya know what I think when I finish.

Did I mention I love owning books signed by the author?

*Thanks to Maren, Megs, Steig, Steph, and everybody at Christi’s for keeping me busy and entertained on a holiday that I’m not so much a fan of.


2 thoughts on “Bring On January

  1. New Year’s Day is not a favorite of mine either – but it is only one day and then all the rest look better. luv you


  2. Thanks for the love, Grandma! I’ll remember that it’s only one day and I have 364 that will be much better 🙂


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