Episode 52: Too Quiet at the Office

I’m chomping on Saltines right now.

Apparently, I want to make myself thirsty. Or reminisce about eating lots of these as a child and downing them with 7up on sick days. Yummy diet!

I’m not eating them today because I’m sick.

I’m eating them because they are there.

It’s 4:42 pm on a Friday. I just finished one of my tasks and don’t want to start up a new one this close to the start of a beautiful, holiday weekend.

So I’m trying to keep myself occupied. And I begin to eat Saltines.

I’m so hungry. They aren’t very filling. Why don’t I have a cheeseburger lying on the desk waiting to be consumed instead?

I can’t hear a THING over the crunching of my crackers.

Except for every time I hit the space bar. I have the LOUDEST space bar. Ask all my cube neighbors.

They aren’t making much noise right now, though.

Do you know what a quiet office means?


Nobody else is here.

Go home already.

Who cares if it’s not 5:00 pm yet?

You’re salaried. You got your work done today.

Go home.


Okay. I’m going home.

I need to get my costume ready for tonight.


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