Why I Blog

Isn’t it obvious? Because the internet loves me, can’t get enough of me and wants to read my writing every day. Why else does anyone blog?

Or do you actually want me to answer this question? Do you even care? Since I come up with the topics for each blog entry, obviously I’m writing what I feel like, not necessarily what YOU actually want to read. Despite all of my best efforts, I have yet to figure out how to read your thoughts and therefore cater to your wants and needs. So I guess.

Back to blogging.

Okay, so let me start by saying how I’m different from “most bloggers.” I’ve decided* that MOST bloggers are not professionals. But ME… I’m CLEARLY a professional because I have an English degree. Oh, oh, and in a couple of months, I’ll have my masters in technical writing as well. See how I’m different?

What does that have to do with why I blog?

There’s one answer: I blog so that people can read a PROFESSIONAL’s blog.**

All blogging, I’m sure, is driven by narcissism. Otherwise, I wouldn’t post it for the entire internet to read. I also really want people to read it. Otherwise, what’s the point? I’ve come a LONG way from the days when I was embarrassed to have anybody read something I wrote. Regardless of the subject matter, your own writing is a glimpse into your thoughts and can be a scary thing to share with others. You get over that fear, though, given enough time or enough professors demanding peer-reviews and readings in class.

This narcissism, though, gives you a chance to know me better. And it doesn’t always portray my positive side. Most of the time, actually, it probably doesn’t. And yet I keep on feeding the fire and write more. I’ve decided that a lot of people were raised to “not air their dirty laundry.” But in a blog, your views, controversial or not, slip out and people who stop by can see right through any façade you may have in real life. So there you have it. Another reason I blog is to show the real Larrie, both to the internet and to myself.

And then there are the more practical reasons:

Practice: If I don’t continue to practice my writing, I will lose any talent I may have developed over the years. And through practice, I hope to continue to improve. Hope. I remember telling a professor once: “Dave Barry can’t live forever; somebody needs to replace him.” I have a LONG way to go if I think that replacement can be me.

History: Just like journaling, blogging creates a personal record for me. Currently, it’s all saved on somebody else’s server and one future to-do item for me is to get a printed record of it. This is just for me, something to read and remember. Perhaps it would be interesting for future generations, but I have no idea.

Community: I like to have connections to people, in real life, and online. I see my blog as a way to support my offline community. My friends and I that live far away from each other can keep updated via blogs and when we do get together every wedding or new baby, we don’t have to run through all the “what have you been doing for the last year?” questions. Also, I love it when people participate: when people comment. It’s like a gift to me every time somebody comments and did I mention that I love it? I know every blogger loves comments and I could do better myself.

Inspiration: Sometimes, I write just to post SOMETHING on the blog. But there are other times where I feel almost inspired. Of course, that inspiration isn’t USUALLY the serious kind. It’s usually the inspiration where I think the story is coming out with just the right amount of humor. And it’s when I get one of those blog entries that I feel satisfaction in blogging.

And there you have it. Why I think I blog. Did I forget any reasons? What are yours?

*This is all based off of my own opinion, not scientifically proven or backed up by an official poll.

**Ha! I sound so conceited right now. I think it’s funny.


6 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Well, since you, and all bloggers, like comments, I guess it’s about time I left one. It’s been a while. Why I blog…that’s a tough one for me. Our blog is such a hodge podge so I think it serves different purposes. I definitely do it to stay connected to people. I can let people know what we’re up to without making 40 phone calls, which I unfortunately wouldn’t make anyway. I also love sharing my opinion and hearing others’ (this is quite obvious when you read our blog, is it not?) I actually really don’t mind it when people disagree with me. I really enjoy a healthy debate. I also do it for the journaling purposes. I am a terrible journal-writer. Blogging has got me to write on a more consistent basis than anything. I don’t know why I like a public forum more than a private one. Again, I think it goes back to the healthy debate thing.


  2. Excellent rundown of the reasons most of us blog. I give this post two-thumbs up!

    If it weren’t for your blog, we would not be such good friends, despite the fact that we’ve only seen each other once in about ten years. Awesome.


  3. @sabrina – I was thinking about your blog when I was writing this and specifically thinking about the political entries and the “healthy debates” those often start. I like those, too. I’m really glad that you and Shannon blog so I can keep up on what you’re doing because I don’t think any of us three are really the type of girls who like to make phone calls very much, despite how much we’d like to keep up on each others’ lives. Hooray blogs!
    @clancy – you are part of my blog community and I LOVE IT!
    @aimee – thanks! if it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t feel like I’ve kept in touch with you and Scott living sooo far away 🙂


  4. I enjoy your “professional” blogging…your a damn good writer! 😉 I only blog as an attempt at journaling and I pretty much suck at that. I probably should go private since I have alot more I’d say if I didn’t think just ANYONE could read it.


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