Oh Joy! Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day. Did you even realize when you woke up this morning that it was a holiday?

I have so many wonderful memories of Columbus Days from my past.

Oh wait. No. I only have one.

I remember one of my elementary school teachers using chalk (I believe) to outline the sizes of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria in the courtyard outside and then having all of the classes walk outside and stand inside “the boats.”

They were tiny.

A few people got seasick.

It was memorable.

What a nifty holiday that honors an Italian, sailing under the Spanish flag who thought he was sailing to India, but instead landed in the Bahamas.

Wow. What a holiday.

I almost forgot we even had one today. I’m counting down to HALLOWEEN, thank you very much.



  1. If you’re going to countdown to holidays – at least count down to one where you don’t have to go to work… Gooooo Thanksgiving! Day off work and all the good food you can eat? What’s not to love?


  2. @megs – you know how when you have really personal, great experiences, you choose to keep them to yourself so as not to cheapen them? that’s like canadian thanksgiving… didn’t want to share it with the ENTIRE internets

    @janet – mmmmm, thanksgiving, although I have to go as myself for that holiday – if we combined costumes with food AND a day off work, PERFECT holiday



    I loved this post. Loved. As in held close to my heart… cherished… purred and made googley noises at….


    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday when Ella came home from school telling me that it was Columbus Day and they did Columbus Day art projects. I thought to myself… Why in the crap do we celebrate this holiday? Banks close for this holiday. I don’t understand this.

    And then I read Larrie’s post.


    Loved it.


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