I’m In Love With Autumn

It happens every year. Bring on autumn and I am an excessively happy girl. The leaves start to change color, I wake up Sunday mornings to thunderstorms and the air smells crisp.

What in the world does it mean to smell crisp?

I have no clue, but I couldn’t figure out how else to describe the smell of autumn: like pumpkins filled with nearly-spent candles; like wet leaves before they start to rot in piles on the front lawn; like muddy football fields, but not muddy football players?


The air smells crisp.

And I love it.

I love it because Halloween is coming. Because it smells amazing to me. Because I love long nights. Because the changing leaves are beautiful. Because my birthday is coming up. Because there are still soccer games. Because I can watch football on Fridays. Because I’ll never grow out of jumping into a pile of leaves.

But I have one big worry right now.

What am I going to be for Halloween?

Here are a few of the Halloween costumes from my past:

A Bat: Mom made this costume and it was out of really soft fabric. I loved the cape and the little bat mask. All I had to do was wear a grey or black outfit underneath and I was set. Sadly, I outgrew it as I wore this costume in my pre-elementary school days.

A Bloody Soccer Player: Any weekly activity growing up turned into a Halloween costume with a little blood and possibly some vampire teeth. I wore a red Leopard’s Lair jersey that was a little large as it was one of my older brother’s old jerseys. And of course, splattered blood in random places.

Robin Hood: He was so much cooler than Maid Marian. And it was probably an easier outfit for Mom to make. The vest was made out of green felt. It was my fourth-grade wish.

Indiana Jones: Because by sixth grade, I decided to come up with a costume that accomplished two things: one—kept me warm; two—was easy to run through the dark neighborhoods in.

The Wind: That was last year and it required lots and lots of hairspray. That’s all I had to buy, though. Hairspray.

A Pirate Wench: So original.

That sets me up with such high expectations that I just can’t come up with a grand idea for this year’s costume. I even dreamed about going to the costume store, but woke up before I made a purchase. Sigh.


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