Dad’s Cell Phone Pic of the Week Submission

Thanks for the submission, Dad!

Now I must admit that I’ve grown a wee bit weary of posting about the caption contest each week so eventually, I’ll just post the rules on a static page somewhere. You regulars already know what they are so go ahead and post a caption… you have ONE WEEK.

And last week’s winner is: Jarv! Way to go, bro. It wasn’t all that great of a caption, but whatever. You won anyway. Just because you posted a comment, really. You have to encourage behavior if you want it to be repeated, right?



  1. “You know, next time I get a suggestion about how to hide a body I’m going to rethink things. I mean, digging a grave in the front yard of a house in a respectable neighborhood in broad daylight was a really good idea!

    But this tiny shovel?… It’s just pissin’ me off!”


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