Haven’t YOU ever peed on your shirt?

Picture a nice little campsite in Moab. Now take that campsite, drop it on Main Street just behind the Texaco and fill it with 100 people from a singles ward. That’s where I was last weekend. And it got hot. So after lunch, of course, it was time for a trip to the swimming pool. I don’t know about you, but I had never before camped with a swimming pool so I had to try it out.

While walking over to the pool, I was putting on sunscreen, but I wanted a t-shirt to wear back from the pool. So if you’re wearing a women’s swimsuit, some orange shorts and need both hands to apply sunscreen, where would you put the shirt? Exactly: tucked into the back of your shorts, like a t-shirt tail.

Something happened on the way to the pool.

I had to go pee.

This isn’t one of those pools where it’s particularly kosher to “warm the water” so I went to the public, flushing restrooms first. I wandered into the middle stall, used a tissue to blow my nose, then pulled down my shorts (and swimsuit) and sat down. Who looks down while they pee?

So I’ve emptied my bladder and I go to flush the toilet when suddenly…. why in the world did I use so much toilet paper?

Wait a minute. That’s NOT toilet paper.

Oh goodness. That’s totally my t-shirt, in the pee-filled public toilet.

Just try and imagine: you have a t-shirt (which is a nice adidas t-shirt with climalite, sweat-wicking properties), floating around in your own pee in a toilet that you don’t know when the last time it was cleaned… WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

7 thoughts on “Haven’t YOU ever peed on your shirt?

  1. Carefully hang on to one corner of the shirt while repetitively flushing the toilet to rinse out the pee and the “public.” Then wash your hands.


  2. If I were you, I would ask my enemies there, which I know you have so many, if they needed a shirt to wear? Hopefully, one would oblige. 🙂


  3. Well, if I were Bear Grylls, I would pull it out of the loo and stick it on my head to keep myself cool in the heat of Moab.


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