Who Needs Sleep in the Summer Time?

I started writing a blog entry about not getting enough sleep in the summertime. Then I tried a blog entry about looking forward to some more vacation. Then I went back to writing something about not sleeping in the summertime and some anecdote about a past summer when I got back late from a date only to find people up talking until even later on the deck. Eventually, I scrapped all of those, obviously, and posted this blog entry about not writing a blog entry. Why even post?

This is just to say that I don’t sleep much in the summertime anymore. Not since I became a real adult that has to get up in the mornings. One day, I might catch up on sleep, but I don’t see it happening within the next decade or so.


One comment

  1. “Why even post?” Because your readers get so much enjoyment out of your blogging schizoid-processes.

    And I’ll tell you how to get some sleep in the summertime… THIS is the magic formula for making you want to go to bed at 6:30pm. I actually went to bed then tonight. But now I’m up (9:22pm) to kiss my kids goodnight and kiss my favorite blogs goodnight.



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