Let the 40 Days to a New Larrie Begin

Today is Day 1. I start my big initiative for a new me. I know what you’re thinking. You’re already so fabulous, Larrie. What’s to improve upon? Plenty.

So I’m not going to update you very often (if at all) on my blog. WHAT?!

I know. It’s like I’m depriving you of continuing to live vicariously through me and everything that I blog. Yeah. So sorry about that.

I’ll probably mention how it’s going once or twice, but I’m going to post most of my updates to my twitter account: larriecampbell. So you can check that out if you want updates or just follow me. And because I think I’m cool enough, I’m going to come up with my own hashtag: #fortydays. Really, it’s just for at the END of my 40 day challenge when I’ve reached the summit and want to look back at my journey. I can group all of my ‘tweets’ by using this hashtag.*

So bring it on. I’ve been thinking about it for a week now so I think I’ve set myself up mentally for my big challenge. And, I’m off to a great start already, having eaten breakfast and I brought my lunch to work. Hooray, Larrie!

I’m thinking I’ll take some before/after pictures. Of course, that won’t really work for all of my categories… or will it?

  1. Organization: Yes, I’ll take some pictures for this one: my desk at work, my closet at home, my bedroom, and maybe my car trunk, but that one could be a little scary because I think right now, there are things in there like a cot, a propane stove, several camping chairs, tissue paper (for gift wrapping purposes), soccer shoes, an old car stereo, etc.
  2. Health: I’m not making a big change because I’m already pretty consistent with working out. Maybe I’ll take a picture of myself standing on a big scale with spandex bottoms and a sports bra on. But that’s only if I manage to get permission to take that picture on the Biggest Loser set.
  3. Spiritual: If I take a picture now and then another at the end, think you’ll be able to see my halo getting brighter?
  4. Sleep: I could take a picture of the current bags under my eyes, but there’s no guarantee that they will really go away.
  5. Work: I’ve got nothing for this one.
  6. Diet: All I can think of is to take pictures of my lunches, but that’s kind of lame sounding. Unless I take the time to make a mean ham-stack sandwich one morning.
  7. Thanks: Yeah, another one that doesn’t really have a before-after picture option. The “after” product will be a gratitude journal. That is sufficient.

So basically, it seems like the only pictures that I can really take are related to organization. Any before/after pictures you think I should take or I forgot about? Offer a suggestion; I dare you.

*Oh, and if anybody else decides to take on the 40-day challenge, and they also happen to be kickin’ it on twitter, you should use the cool hashtag, too, so we can group our thoughts together. It would be a nifty little internet experiment on my non-existent influence in the Twitter world. Cool.

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