Little Guy’s All Tuckered Out

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The Sciolist Cell Phone Pic of the Weeknot-™ is published each week with the intent to entice readers to comment. This is accomplished with a CONTEST! The winner will receive a blog nod in the following week’s post-what a TREMENDOUS prize. Entering is easy. Just click on Comment below, fill in the identification information requested and enter your caption for the above picture as your comment. You have until Larrie posts the following Wednesday’s pic to enter.

Ready… GO!*

Last Week’s Winner: So it was a really close one this week. I couldn’t seem to choose so I enlisted some non-biased votes from people who don’t read my blog. I was going to say from some friends at work, but um, yeah… they don’t read my blog (except for Maren, who reads my blog and is therefore my sister-friend). Okay, so back to the winner. When it came down to it Braden inched by just barely. And really, since he posted the 777th comment on my blog, he deserves a win for that. If my parents hadn’t cleaned out their garage since I ran track in 6th grade, I’d totally find my third place ribbon from a 100 meter dash and hand it over as a prize. (I keep the first prize ribbons from the 400 meter dashes, thank you very much.) So, way to go Braden and close call Emily and Clancy. So close.

*And by GO!, I mean COMMENT!


4 thoughts on “Little Guy’s All Tuckered Out

  1. “… treasure in hand he flew down the beanstalk and then Jack, upon reaching the bottom, grabbed an ax, hacked the beanstalk, and sent the giant careening toward earth at great speed… forever silencing his infamous ‘fee fie foe fum’.”

    And then, Jack woke up and realized he didn’t actually best the giant, he just has mean uncles who make him dream about beans.


  2. “Mothers and fathers alike are raving about the new sleep-inducing sugar snap peas. “All it takes is one bite,” exclaims lead pea engineer Vikram Markiv, “which is all most parents expect to get when it comes to kids and vegatables.” The secret ingredient is a proprietary coating simply known as “magic dust.” Potential side effects can be found in 4 font, on a two-page insert included in each bag of the Sugar Snooze Peas.”


  3. Have you ever tried using green beans as straws to drink milk? Now if I just had some creative outlet to broadcast this to my closest dozen or so friends via the Interwebs….


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