Buy a T-Shirt; Read a Poem

So long, farewell to Therapy Thursdays. Truly the end of an era. Sigh. How about we make a t-shirt to commemorate it? Okay. How cool is my little design? Yep, pretty cool.

(Click on the picture/design to see the cool t-shirts. I don’t care if anybody buys anything. It was mostly just fun to make, even if it took me 5 minutes.)

Now on to the Therapy Thursdays replacement and the winner is…

I own a lot of journals, which don’t have “typical” journal entries (i.e.: today, I did this and this and I like so-and-so boy; tomorrow, I’ll write some more and like some other boy).

So lucky you, you get a glimpse into one of those journals each week when I’ll post a journal entry from my past. Ready, go!

I creep out naked, wet and red,
Clutching to a branch
And wait for the sun to warm my wings.
I dream of a green expanse of meadow
With drops of perfect, white flower buds
That stretch open to the fast, blue sky
As I bouncing flutter by.

One comment

  1. I dig it! I love the T shirts! I think you should have a giveaway for one. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    And I love your poem. Lovely. Looking forward to more Journal o’ Larrie posts.


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