Day 12: Larrie’s Blog Format

The “Build a Better Blog” task today says I should create an editorial calendar for my precious blog. That would require me to think ahead. Sometimes, I think ahead. But that’s only about 5 minutes ahead. Makes it a little difficult sometimes to write papers for class.

There was another option to consider: come up with a weekly rhythm for my blog.

I had no idea it was called a rhythm.

It’s like my blog is on the rhythm method.


For my regular readers, you must know that I already follow such a method. Lately, however, I’ve strayed from the rhythm because of these tasks so I hope my blog doesn’t get pregnant. Living on the edge…

What do you think of my blog’s typical rhythm? Do you like it?

Here’s the format (in greater detail on this page):

  • Mondays – Larrie’s opinion/rant day
  • Tuesdays – Quote of the week
  • Wednesdays – Cell phone pic of the week / caption contest*
  • Thursdays – Therapy Thursdays**
  • Fridays – The IT Office
  • Saturdays – Occasional book reviews

Should I ditch out on any of these? Keep it up? Be more consistent with Saturday entries?

Also, still VOTE in my rockin’ poll below. You have the power to determine the future of the Sciolist blog!

*My favorite… when you participate, of course.

**My least favorite and from what I hear from some friends, the entry that often confuses people into never returning. Sigh.


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