Day 11: Sweet, a Poll – on future blog topics

For today’s “Build a Better Blog” task, I am doing my own version (surprise). The real task is to brainstorm ten new blog post ideas based off of past blog posts. Instead, I decided to use my AWESOME past blog post, Nearly 100 Journal Ideas, to create a poll.

HOW COOL IS THAT? That means that I’m asking you, internet, for your opinion. What do YOU want me to blog about? These are based off of my lengthy list of journal ideas and if you don’t like the choices I gave you, feel free to enter your own from the previous list or from your own idea.

You can pick more than one answer. Are you ready? Go team, go… take your pick.

(I’ll blog about the one or two with the most votes after my precious 31 day tasks have ended.)


One thought on “Day 11: Sweet, a Poll – on future blog topics

  1. I voted in the poll, but a few others sound intriguing as well — life as a pencil (maybe for “Therapy Thursday”), the historical event, the metal detector, and the conversation between the car and the curb.


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