Day 9: Where’s the Forum for Facetious Sciolists?

I totally FAILED the “Build a Better Blog” task for today: Join a Forum and Start Participating.

I know, it doesn’t really sound all that hard, does it? So how come I failed?

I’m supposed to join a forum in my niche. I couldn’t find a forum for facetious sciolists. Imagine that. Won’t you go search for a forum that you think is suitable for me and let me know, please? Then I’ll go join and participate.

I don’t seem to have a niche because of two reasons: one is ME; two is SCIOLIST.

We won’t discuss the first reason, but let’s talk about the second. People ask me all the time, what in the world is a Sciolist? They usually can’t figure out how to say it and I get attempts like “skee-o-list,” “sheeoeeo-lies” and “callipygian.” Didn’t know it was so hard to pronounce. (Try this on: saɪəlɪst.)

This word doesn’t show up in many dictionaries anymore. Apparently, it’s archaic. That’s why I’m trying to help it MAKE A COMEBACK. It was, once upon a time, a word you would use to insult your rival-call them a superficial pretender of knowledge. And here I am, calling myself that. I say it fits, though.

It does derive from beautiful Latin-no German roots for this English word. Since it comes from the verb, “scire,” it’s related to other words like science, omniscient, and conscience. The Latin folk used it in reference to people who only had a smattering of knowledge. I like that… a smattering.

Still, it’s an old word that apparently hasn’t appeared in print much although I did find that in the 70’s and 80’s, The Sciolist Press published books. Wish they were still around so I could try and publish something with them. Sigh.

Old words don’t have forums dedicated to them.

I could start my own forum. I’d be the only member: “Facetious Sciolism Forum – a place for old world sarcasm in a modern, PC world.”


4 thoughts on “Day 9: Where’s the Forum for Facetious Sciolists?

  1. I’ll join your forum. Then it’ll have two members. We’ll have some freakin’ awesome superficial discussions. Oh wait… we already do that. It’s called Facebook. hmmmm…………

    By the way, this post would make my favorite-Larrie-post list. If I were a list maker, that is.


    1. I guess my forum is FB then… where I find other facetious friends and we chat when we should be sleeping… is bueno


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