Day 6: 10 Reasons You Might Not Comment

Welcome to Day 6. I’m on vacation, but James and Maren are watching a movie in our hotel room so here I am blogging from the penthouse suite at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. If you are missing the Facebook status updates lately, we’ve been to two buffets, hot tubbed, and somebody (not me) used the bidet with ONLY the hot water turned on. Silly sister.

Today’s “Build a Better Blog” task was a reading assignment for myself. I scanned over articles from “successful bloggers” about how to become like them. I haven’t yet read any of them except for one, which was a list about reasons readers don’t comment. I decided to make my own list.

10 Reasons You Might Not Comment:

  1. What I write is so off the wall, that you don’t have anything to say except, “weird” or “have you been committed yet?” This probably occurs on most Thursdays. And that’s okay. I don’t have comments for those “Therapy Thursday” posts either.
  2. Somebody else already commented and their caption is so good, I couldn’t possibly win the contest this week. That’s too bad you feel that way. You should never give up before you’ve started. I believe in you. Just wanted to say that.
  3. I started typing a comment and then realized that I have to enter my email address; never mind. That’s just to make sure you’re not spamming me. In case you’ve never noticed the counter on the side, my poor little blog has had to block/delete just over 1,100 spam comments. Don’t worry. Your email is safe with me.
  4. The people who post comments on your blog are really funny and I just don’t know if I can compete. I know, right?
  5. You always respond to comments and I just don’t want that kind of attention. Yes, you do. You just don’t realize it until after it happens. Try it. See how it feels.
  6. I only read from my RSS Reader so I can’t comment. Well, every now and then, just to make me feel good, you should venture outside the safety of your reader, drop in and post a comment. Just think how you’ll make me feel and it’s all about lifting others, right? You’re so thoughtful.
  7. I’m a really bad speller and you’re an English major. Enough said.
  8. I have so much to say, but I don’t want to be that person that writes a novel of a comment so I just say nothing. Fine. Be that way. Save your novel for a publisher and make some money off of it.
  9. I just like to stalk you… anonymously. That’s creepy, but understandable.
  10. I came once, because of a random Google search like “funny fb status” or “excessive throat clearing”; I have nothing to add. Thank you for coming. Have a nice day. Go back to Google.

5 thoughts on “Day 6: 10 Reasons You Might Not Comment

  1. Obviously not many of those apply to me… long winded, short winded, bad spelling, typos, funny or not, I still share my two cents…sense? whatever ha ha


  2. @tiff – just another reason why I truly heart you

    @clancy – see? these don’t apply for my favorite peoples… (that means non-commenters are not my favorites, ha)

    @marc – sure thing… I’ll come up with a review sometime, too… about how saweet our little trip was 🙂


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