Day 3: Promoting – I do it and you can too!

The “Build a Better Blog” task for the third day*is to promote my blog. I really like my blog. That’s probably a surprise to no one. But on the flip side, I don’t always like to be the only one promoting it. Nobody wants that friend that only updates their Facebook status with “hey, I updated my blog so go read it or we can’t be friends.” So I’ll try a little promoting on my own, but don’t you want to help me out with this? If you heart me, go tell your friends. I like your friends.

And with that, we have GOT to have the cell phone pic of the week / caption contest. User participation last week was dismally low. Sigh. Try bettah, people.

Enter the CAPTION CONTEST now!

The Sciolist Cell Phone Pic of the Weeknot-TM is published each week with the intent to entice readers to comment. This is accomplished with a CONTEST! The winner will receive a blog nod in the following week’s post-what a TREMENDOUS prize. Entering is easy. Just click on Comment below, fill in the identification information requested and enter your caption for the above picture as your comment. You have until Larrie posts the following Wednesday’s pic to enter.

Ready… GO!**

Last Week’s Winner: Again, let’s have a hearty applause for Kaakun. It was a really tough choice between him and… oh right… nobody else. I guess I can’t really blame you, though, for not wanted to post a comment after reading his. It really was pretty good and basically unbeatable. It was almost as good as the awkward-life-moments greeting cards company we (mostly he) came up with a few years ago. Front of card: Happy Divorce; inside card: You took half of my assets and all I got was this lousy card.

*I feel like by completing these tasks, I must be on a mission, right? I wonder who’s in my company, whether any of the tasks will include fighting a dragon, and if in the end, all I win is more experience points. Do I need to buy a 4-sided die for this?

**And by GO!, I mean COMMENT!


5 thoughts on “Day 3: Promoting – I do it and you can too!

  1. So, there we were after the 2009 Ducks International Convention. At first it was awkward trying to show off for all the brightly colored ducks at the reception that night but once I saw that the others didn’t preen before the event it was all water off my back.

    Then the rumors started to spread, there was a goose in our midst. We’d all heard about the overbearing, prima dona avians before but we didn’t think one would actually swoop in and crash one of our parties. You can always spot a goose by the way it waddles – what a pretentious bird. Just because they have the preferred down of choice for comforter and pillow makers everywhere doesn’t make them better than us.

    I tried to wing it but my feathers were so ruffled I paid the bill and headed south back to the hotel room to surf the web. But on my way there I was drawn in to Joe’s Wetland Bar and Grill where a fowl game of duck, duck, goose was being played. It was so frustrating to play when you are always the “duck.” I got bored so I flew the coop and nestled in for a good night’s sleep under a down comforter…a duck down comforter.


  2. BREAKING NEWS… The Aflac Duck’s 60-acre compound near Antelope State Park has been raided and a polygamist colony of at least eight drakes and 90 hens has been discovered. Reports state there are at least thirty nests with as many as ten eggs in each nest.

    Aflac officals have been contacted and have not yet released a statement.

    This newscaster has just has one question for Mr Duck, “What the flock?!?”


  3. “Here one millionth-of-a-second, gone the next”. Citing “just some good ol’ dumb luck”, Royd got the picture he had devoted his life to, the split second before a duck’s spontaneous combustion. He did mention that his research had pointed to the large duck in the middle as being the one to spontaneously combust next, instead of the smaller, blurry, white one on the far right of the picture.


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