Facebook Killed My Journal Skills

I have many, MANY journals… well, many UNIFINISHED journals. They’re sitting in my front room so they’re not exactly hidden under the bed. I used to care if anybody read them, but I don’t anymore. I suppose that years of peer critiques in English and tech writing classes has eradicated worrying about my writing not being good enough.

Or maybe now I am GOOD ENOUGH.

Nope. Must be why I’m fairly addicted to writing–because it’s hard.

Back to the journals: I don’t write in them anymore. I picked up the poetry journal in February and wrote in it, for the first time since November 2007. One of the thougts I wrote down:

you taught me how to smile
with my eyes
but the timing of the
lesson was all wrong

So is it good or bad poetry if you don’t really remember where the thought came from or where it’s going? Really, though, I want to know WHAT HAPPENED to my journal writing? Once upon a time, I was prolific.

A friend said that I blog now instead.

I don’t agree.

Blogging doesn’t even compare to my journal writing. I rarely share internal thoughts/struggles here. I can’t doodle. I don’t sketch maps of Virginia where I thought I’d base a historical novel. I rarely mention dating (protecting the innocent). No poetry. No spiritual experiences. And no strange, scribbled notes written when I was on Ambien. See? My blog doesn’t compare to the ol’ journals.

Here are my best guesses about what happened to my desire to scrawl thoughts in one of many different bound journals:

  1. All of the internal thoughts and struggles have faded away because now that I’m an adult with a mortgage/bills/titanium toe, life is EASY
  2. I gave up on my historical novel after I’d written 50 pages.
  3. I’m all out of poetry.
  4. When I can’t sleep at nights, I now get on Facebook (sigh).
  5. I have a TV with high def cable (sigh again).
  6. I have less time to dwell on my life (emphasis on dwell).
  7. I’ve lost all of my pens.
  8. I forgot how to write.
  9. I can’t read my handwriting so why record anything?
  10. I need to TRY and sleep at night so I’m not allowed to write in them.

Okay so after thinking so much about my journals, it makes me miss them. Every now and then, one of the entries would really be a gem. I should write again in search of those gems. No more Facebook. Gasp.

End of rambling.


  1. My favorite aspect of the journals is the schizophrenic-like handwriting. I’m convinced that a dozen people wrote in your journals. Who has that many styles of handwriting?! And who is up at 2:52 a.m. writing comments on blogs?! Seriously…


  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. I want to write in my journal, no really I do, but it just never seems to happen.

    And then I feel guilty because David Sedaris, possibly one of the funniest writers ever, records everything in his daily journals.



  3. I hear you, my friend. But mine has nothing to do with Facebook or my blog. In fact, if I didn’t blog, I’d have nothing. No record.

    I haven’t journaled much since high school. My poetry book started in college, but I haven’t done that much either. My distraction was having children, and a husband and a mortgage, bills, bionic toe… oh wait, not the bionic toe.

    If it weren’t for blogging, people in 100 years might not know I even existed. But you and I differ in that blogging arena because I do write internal thoughts/struggles on my blog. I can’t doodle there, either, but I do poetry and, occasionally spiritual experiences. And I wasn’t on Ambien, but there are definitely strange, scribbled notes (a metaphoric scribble).

    However, I do miss my handwriting sometimes. All 12 versions of it.


  4. @braden – so, I thought it was strange that I was up so late writing a random blog entry, but you totally have me beat with the early-morning comments… also, I think you just wish your journals had 12 different contributors

    @katie – wow, I didn’t know that about David Sedaris–perhaps now knowing will help me really sit down and write in them again… I tried the other night and instead, read old entries

    @clancy – so I vote then that your blogging is easily your journaling because you include thoughts/struggles, poetry, spiritual experiences, etc. me, on the other hand… I have no clue how to be serious sometimes and the blog is certainly not a serious arena for me… I really am serious, internet… really


  5. I’ve wondered if being serious was possible for you. I imagine that it is, but could we ever reach that level? You and I? Talk serious with each other? Yeah, probably not. We got close the other day when Lacy came up… but there’s just to much funny stuff to say to each other. I’m ok with that.


    1. Some topics can be serious, but only interesting (or concerning) topics. Otherwise, serious tends to equal boring in my head. Boring is boring.


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