Episode 41: Budget Requests

I put my headphones on (to hear LESS of the throat-clearer on the other side of the cubicle wall), pulled up applications on my monitors (geeky applications like Team Foundation Server, TestLink, ARUP Gateway*, internal applications running in a Cert environment) and got to work. But I kept on getting rudely interrupted by the little email notification that pops up in the corner of monitor 1. Oh, and the system sound that says, “Hey, you, yeah, I’m looking at you, you have mail.” It’s not quite the “You got mail” of AOL infamousness.

It looked like there were some work emails mixed in with the various junk email.

First email (not-so-work-related): Your Pacific Power payment was submitted

Bills paid.

Next email: Something else to consider

What does my boss want me to consider? I’ll open it in a wee bit.

Third email: View your mutual fund prospectus online.

Every now and then, I make sure all my money at Fidelity is still there. Sometimes I even ADD to it.

Fourth email: RE: Something else to consider

Wait a minute; Brad replied to the supervisor’s email?

I open the email and find this:


Sounds like this year’s budget requests are going to be a little different with our impending move across the street. I smiled, only a half smile, but still, I smiled, then went back to work. But that didn’t last long. In the next few minutes, my inbox filled up with numerous responses to Brad’s budget request.


And then the response from our supervisor:


This, of course, needed a response. It came:


Eventually, these requests made it to our manager, who replied to our supervisor, who sent it all back to us. The last email, from the boss’s boss, looked a little something like this.


And all this time, you thought the IT department’s sense of humor only revolved around LAN party jokes, photoshopping each others’ heads into pictures, and .Net developers ganging up on Delphi developers.

Should be interesting to see how many work place injuries take place once we purchase the pogo sticks.

*ARUP Gateway is “my” application… meaning, if it breaks, I get to bug the developer.



  1. so youtube is blocked at work… I just watched it at home… LOVED IT! um, I’m almost white & nerdy, but I can’t afford a segway… yet


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