We have ANOTHER Elder Campbell

The last of my brothers has his mission call (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and with it, I’m losing my lifting buddy on July 1st when James reports to the MTC. Instead of just telling you where he’s going, try and guess. We’ll make it a game, shall we? I’ll give you some clues:

He’s not going to any of the missions the other brothers went to, or even the same continent. (Mick went to Santiago, Chile, Jarv to Budapest, Hungary, Pete to Quezon City, Philippines, and Thane to Seoul, Korea.)

He’s not going to Reno, like Maren had initially told Martha who tried to be nice about it for a few hours.

He’s not even going stateside.

He’s not going to the same mission (or same continent) that the “adopted” brother who is really my ex-step-cousin Chris went to: Mozambique Maputo.

He’s not going to Antarctica.

He’ll be serving in a city with over two million residents.

He won’t be speaking English.

He’ll be by beaches, but not at them or in the water (ha!).

He might get a chance to visit some of the historic buildings, which include palatial houses and churches built after an architectural style of the late medieval period.

The first Cathedral on this continent was built in this city.

The first castle on this continent was built in this city.

In 1844, their national hero helped this country gain their independence from their neighbor rulers.

The country has an estimated 2 million internet users.

Columbus’s younger brother founded the city.

That should have pretty much given you plenty of information. Where’s he going? Post your guess in the comments. Unless you already know… then guess something totally wrong, just to throw people off.


11 thoughts on “We have ANOTHER Elder Campbell

  1. He will be speaking Italian in the mission of Borgo San Giacomo, Italy…named after Columbus’ brother, Giacomo….that is, if you consider Western Europe a different continent than Eastern Europe. I do.


  2. It sounds so similar to my mission, but I believe it is a neighboring island. My guess is Santo Domingo, DR. I really hope so. If so, is he going to the MTC there? That was such an awesome experience for me.


  3. what happened to God’s sense of humor of sending really tall white people to really short asian countries…

    I guess since it inspired the Chinese to play God and test tube their very own YAO… God sends them wherever.


  4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic…Beaches, Colombus and Independence from Haiti (I knew a Senior couple who served in Haiti and traveled back & forth to the DR- a lot!)


  5. @jarv – so close… oh wait, no, not close at all, but I bet you threw lots of people off

    @sabrina – yes, yes, and yes… you win! sending a Twinkie as your prize via pony express

    @kaakun – apparently, James isn’t tall enough at only 6’2″ (I think)

    @tiffanie – I didn’t know they sent people to Haiti… totally different language, totally different side of the same island

    @beth – yes

    @ambyr – I want to go there on vacation in about two years… and I added you to the blogroll (thumbs up!)


  6. I know it’s different. You said neighboring country..Haiti is the neighbor. They don’t send missioanries there anymore. In fact, while this senior couple was there, all of the missionaries were pulled out.

    I know there is a huge difference between Haitian creole and Spanish too!

    Dominicans were some of my favorite people on my mission. They were also some of the craziest! Super happy, always rockin’ to some fun music and always eating!


    1. @tiff – pretty much, I was being facetious about Haiti… guess I’m known to be that way sometimes, and it doesn’t exactly come across in writing. Did I mention that I’m going to pick him up when he’s done? Cuz I am. woohoo


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