The Dishonest Tow Truck Driver

His teeth were crooked, yellow and stained from smoking. He had ugly earrings in both his ears that stuck out from under his beanie. I managed to stop staring at his teeth by looking down at his hands-he probably hadn’t cleaned under his nails in years. I would never want to eat a sandwich made by this guy. And this was the guy who was holding my car hostage. I towered over him in my heels and I probably LOOKED like money, with my Elie Tahari pants and white, puffy coat*. I had a list of questions to ask him and I didn’t like how it felt like I was trying to condescend. This wouldn’t help my case.

“So does somebody call you from the condo complex to tell you to come and tow a car?”

“No,” he replied and told me about how they have a deal with the HOA where they can cruise through whenever they want and tow cars away.

“And where were the no parking signs?”

“At both of the entrances.”

“How can you tow my car when the sign has been torn off of the pole and is upside down in the dirt? That’s where I found it and I have a picture of it.”

This is where he started lying to me. “The sign was up when I pulled your car out at 10 pm.”

He told me that somebody must have pulled the sign off sometime after that and before I came out to drive home. Yeah, I can see it now. Somebody was walking by at midnight and thought, hmm, I’m going to pull this sign off of this pole, even though it’s a metal sign and it’s bolted in. Then I’m going to throw it down in the dirt upside down because I don’t see a car parked against the curb over there since it’s already been towed.

“I can give you a deal,” he said. “Only $200.”

Wow, what a deal.

Has anybody taken a tow truck company to small claims court before?

*Both items were gifts and for sure, the pants were purchased on sale from TJMaxx by my mom. Maren gave me the fabulous coat.

6 thoughts on “The Dishonest Tow Truck Driver

  1. You know what I think is interesting about this… I have lived here for 5 months now and it as probably just 2 weeks ago that I asked Shannon why no one ever parks on the roads infront of the townhouses. I LIVE HERE and didn’t even know about those “signs.” They need to be towing all of the people who park along the white fence out on 200 West where there are very OBVIOUS no parking signs on the west side of the street. idiots. i’m sorry this happened. I hope you’ll still come play.


  2. Dude. That totally sucks rocks. Sorry to hear it. I haven’t taken tow-truck companies to small claims but I have taken tenants to small claims. It sucks and I have yet to see a dime from any of them. 😦


  3. @katie – sadly, I just found out that it costs at least $45 to claim so now I have to decide if it would be worth it to pay more in the hopes of getting some money in return

    @tiff – I didn’t park on that curb and I wonder if they do tow people who are there or just the fools like me who park where the sign in the dirt says NOT TO.

    @clancy – hmmm, if you’ve never won anything, what are my chances? maybe if I get a male judge and can wink at him


  4. I’ve won all three times… or gotten a default judgment anyway. If the court could somehow enforce them to pay a small claim judgment, I’d wouldn’t be out $8,500. Seriously, my claims total that much. It makes me want to throw up a little bit. So, yeah, I’ve “won” but I have to garnish wages or seize property to get the money and these sleeze-bags just quit their jobs and hide if I try to find them.

    Have you ever considered being a landlord? I’m really peaking your interest now, aren’t I?


  5. @clancy – the court can’t enforce payment? what? boo to the court system then… um, yeah, I totally want to be a landlord then. Oh wait, I am, but my roommate rocks the casbah. (And she doesn’t even read my blog, as far as I know, so I’m saying this cuz I’m serious people.)


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