Boo to Daylight Savings

DOC: Hey there sleepy.

LRE: Really? I look THAT tired.

DOC: Basically.

LRE: Daylight savings is killing me.

DOC: Not a fan, huh?

LRE: Not at all. I haven’t been able to get to bed at a decent hour since the switch.

DOC: How hard are you trying?

LRE: I know… it really is my own fault. But last night I was all wound up after playing basketball.

DOC: You play basketball? I thought that ended ten years ago.

LRE: You thought wrong, Doc.

DOC: Clearly. Did you go back to high school?

LRE: No. But I am wearing my basketball shoes from high school.

DOC: Aren’t those like ten years old?

LRE: Don’t tell my podiatrist.

DOC: I was just about to send him a text. Guess not.

LRE: None of that.

DOC: So how are you playing basketball again?

LRE: My ward has a few teams.

DOC: A few?

LRE: Two men’s, one women’s.

DOC: Guess the women’s team loses all the time then.

LRE: No; we have the best record of the three, but we don’t play against the boys. We play other ward’s women’s teams.

DOC: Oh.

LRE: We lost last night, though, when a girl on the other team threw up a prayer with two seconds left. She scored and she was just over the halfcourt line.

DOC: Two seconds left?

LRE: Yeah, it sucked. And we had made a last second comeback to lead by one point with eight seconds left.

DOC: Guess you should have taken longer to score that last basket.

LRE: Perhaps.

DOC: Did you score?

LRE: Of course. They were all layups… in traffic. I should learn to shoot jumpers, too.

DOC: Yeah, you should.

LRE: You should be proud of me for returning to sports with my new titanium toe.

DOC: Oh right. I’m REALLY proud of you.



  1. Yes, BOO! Daylight savings really rocked my world this year. Mornings and me aren’t very good friends as it is… daylights savings made us complete arch-enemies.


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