Full of Rhetorical Questions

DOC: You don’t seem excited to be here.

LRE: I’m more distracted than in attendance.

DOC: Why are you distracted?

LRE: It’s no biggee. I just am.

DOC: If you won’t talk to me, what good am I to you?

LRE: Too bad I’m not paying you. Then maybe I’d be more into these appointments.

DOC: You mean to tell me that paying patients are better than imaginary patients?

LRE: That’s a rhetorical question, right?

DOC: As was that one, right?

LRE: Good answer.

DOC: Do you have examples where you worked harder because you were paying for it?

LRE: Sure. Well, kind of.

DOC: Okay. Share the kind of’s.

LRE: Okay. School.

DOC: Right. That is expensive, isn’t it?

LRE: Another rhetorical question. Currently, I’m paying for my Publications Management class and not paying for my institute class?

DOC: Institute?

LRE: I know-that’s usually where you send the loonies. Or, it’s where all the Mormons go to get all churchy together.

DOC: Okay. So you have a school class and a church class.

LRE: Yep. I go to the school class many times a week. It’s online so I’m usually “in class” every evening, even if for just a few minutes to check in. I’ve been to the church class twice this year.

DOC: Did you go to your BYU religion classes?

LRE: Yes, of course. Those were much better than my institute class even though I paid for those.

DOC: It’s good to go to class.

LRE: Pretty much. I should go to the institute class more often.

DOC: But you don’t.

LRE: No. Instead, I go to the gym and to school classes. I pay for those.

DOC: Do you feel good about that?

LRE: Was that a rhetorical question?

If you’re not a regular to this blog and have NO CLUE what just happened above, check out this page explaining the nuances of this blog and of me, Larrie.


3 thoughts on “Full of Rhetorical Questions

  1. Everything about this conversation was oh so sad but true. 😦 I definitely could relate. Maybe you can start paying me to go to your institute class. And I can start paying you, so I actually will go to mine. Wait… We do pay..it’s called tithing. Hmmm?!


  2. I love my Institute class and I do pay for it. Have been to many over the years, but I can still learn more. Love to read your comments.


  3. @tiff – you are SO right, we do pay and I’m happy to pay… maybe that’s why I don’t go as much because I don’t mind that I pay
    @grumma – nice work going to your class, gold star!


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