They’ve Set Up Little Picket Lines Around the North Pole

This week’s quote is more of a story. Here’s the background:

The “Elves” (Emma, 8; Abe, 5; and Claire, 5) were negotiating with “Santa” (James, 19), on Sunday via a legally responsible and easily documented letter. (Basically, they were writing messages on a legal pad and delivering it to Santa who would respond on the same yellow paper.) Here’s how the negotiations went down.

Elves: Crimas* is done and now tis back and we have to get rete** for Crimas. Santa you have to wake up now Santa cas now you will have to wake up rit now.

Santa: (He was writing with a red pencil) Dear Elves, You think I’ve been asleep but I have been watching you and you have been naughty. No presents for you this year!


Santa: Santa does not like being made fun of. Now you won’t get another present for the rest of your life.


So bad news for all you kids out there. The elves are ON STRIKE. Christmas 2009 is looking doubtful unless Obama can step in and bailout Santa so he can hire new elves or Hillary can stop by and assist in peaceful negotiations. Phew, it’s good to know the government can save the world.

*How do YOU spell Christmas?

**Faster than just getting ready.

***We meaning WILL, obviously.

****Similar to ANY.

3 thoughts on “They’ve Set Up Little Picket Lines Around the North Pole

  1. I’m happy to say I was able to witness this whole thing in person. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you Campbell kids!


  2. hey!~so, since I have a wordpress now and a blogspot…for now….how do I get my name(link) when I leave a comment to go to my wordpress blog instead of my blogspot?


  3. @tiff – happy to bring along a good friend and have some good laughs… good times

    @byr – I think if you’re already signed on to your wordpress account before you leave a comment, it should do it automatically… otherwise, I thought that the “leave a comment” form had a box to type up your website address


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