I’m not doing so bad…

It’s always good to find articles that make you feel better about your goals and financial situation… especially lately what with the crappy economy and the over-involvement of the government. I read this one about 6 financial milestones before 30 and at first thought, I wondered what types of things I would suddenly have to scramble to try and accomplish now that I’m getting so OLD. Here’s where I stand:

  1. Scale back the credit cards. I have credit cards, it’s true. I have a lot on a Sears card, but that should be paid off in full this year. I use my Visa to get rewards and pay it off each month. Is that okay? I think so.
  2. Own a home—or have a plan. A condo totally counts as a home. Hooray me!
  3. Have skills. Have you SEEN me with nunchuks? Apparently I should also be developing marketable skills. Here’s hoping random blogging, geeky computer knowledge, and English undergrad and a technical writing masters are marketable.
  4. Give money away. I don’t think this is referring to when I leave quarters in my desk drawer and they disappear. We’re talking about charitable giving and, of course, there’s that whole tithing that I’m happy to donate, and I always squeeze a little out of my paychecks for United Way since I worked there and saw first hand the good influence it has on my community. (That was a fairly serious sentence I just wrote there. Wow.)
  5. Know thyself. I know that I like to have fancy Bengals, lots of books, a nice TV, a home computer network, and an old Volvo. Guess I’m not worried about impressing the neighbors with my wheels… yet.
  6. Know smart people. This sounds like a repeat of number 5 to me. Oh wait, no, I’m not THAT narcissistic, but I am surrounded by smart people. The article specifically stated certain smart people I should know. I’ve got the financial adviser and attorney covered, but I’m currently looking for a good tax preparer and insurance agent. Let me know if you’d like to apply.

Random side note added afterwards (thanks to Clancy’s suggestion): to apply to be one of MY smart people, click on the link on the ride just under the blog header. It’s the chance of a LIFETIME!

6 thoughts on “I’m not doing so bad…

  1. I’d like to apply. I am neither a tax preparer OR an insurance agent, but I still would like to apply. Do you have an application? Those are my FAVORITE to fill out. Especially when you upload your resume and then they want you to type out everything that you’ve just put on your uploaded resume onto an application. Yeah. That’s my favorite.

    So, I say again, I’d like to apply. Simply because I like the application process SOO much. What’s your benefit package like?


  2. @clancy – now’s your chance to apply… I put up an application link in the top right corner of my blog so feel free, apply now 🙂


  3. Phew! That was a tough App, but it’s done now. I wondered if you might email me a copy of it… I need to build a resume and I put some essential info on there that would be perfect on my res. Thanks.

    Do you have an estimated date for your decision on the position?


  4. @clancy – I practically cried from laughing so hard reading your application. I shall review it shortly and respond within the week. Thank you for your time.

    @tiff – I thought it was my own inside joke about two people like that… but you know, yes, you know.


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