1. THAT was the coolest thing ever. It looks like an animated GIF, but how did you post it on here? I love it and I want to copy you but insert me, Lacy and Taylor in it. That would be awesome. You’re cool with idea thievery, right? After all, copying is the most sincere form of flattery…

    You’re always good for a Laugh Out Loud. (Is Marissa aware of her faux paus? I’ve now turned into the LOL police and I’m bustin’ her A#$!!!)


  2. @marissa – WAY cooler… even if you do use the dreaded ‘LOL’

    @clancy – sadly, Mariss doesn’t take the time to read my blog (unbelievable, I know) and therefore doesn’t understand the laugh out loud rule…
    yes, it’s an animated gif that your geeky friend larrie made with photoshop and then uploaded to wordpress – thief away


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