Episode 36: What would YOU do with four walls?

Stacky forgot yesterday that she only has three walls here at work. I reminded her of this, but didn’t remind her that those walls are mostly made of fabric and not even as tall as I. They’re still taller cubicle walls than some workplaces, though.

So I got to thinking about what life would be like with four walls at work. Stacky helped me with this thinking. We came up with a nice list in our IM conversation of what we would do if we could close the door and get some privacy. None of the list items had to do with working… imagine that.

10 things to do with four walls at work:

  1. Sleep – a power nap every now and then (or every morning and afternoon) would really work wonders for me
  2. Exercise – we’re not talking about lifting weights or busting out the treadmill here, but more like some yoga stretching after sitting for so long
  3. Surf – cowabunga, dudes, we can look up stuff online without checking over our shoulder constantly
  4. Read books – yes, this was my preference and I do it anyway, but only when I eat lunch at my desk
  5. Read magazines – Stacky prefers this type of reading enjoyment
  6. Photoshop pictures of my coworkers – need I say more?
  7. Play computer games – it’s been ages since a good game of hearts against my PC
  8. Change – sometimes, it’d be nice to mix the day up a little by changing my shirt… just for the reactions of coworkers
  9. Breastfeed – guess who came up with this one
  10. Pick your teeth, nose, and/or wedgie – because we’re ladies and would NEVER do these things in public

What would you do with a little privacy at work?


  1. Listen to the radio or CDs w/o headphones? Right now I have 3 2/3 “walls” — two of which are real walls since my cubicle is in the corner. People in my department who have been here awhile sometimes talk about “the good old days” when they did have four real walls.


  2. 1- done it. 2 hrs… it was grand.
    3- when am I not?
    4- done it.
    5- done that too, grabbed it from the waiting room.
    6- done it, well used GIMP.
    7- yes thank goodness for SNES emulators
    8- once, saw Wicked after work.

    not on the list
    watched movies
    watched tv
    watched baseball
    I-tunes headphone-less
    created excel spreadsheets to quickly sort through sports info.
    hmm… I think thats it? I’m such a model employee.


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