DOC: Hey, I’ve got a typology test for you.

LRE: Ah, those are always a bit random.

DOC: Right, but so are you so it seems fitting.

LRE: Good one.

DOC: Here, answer these questions. [handing over the test…]

LRE: Oh, you mean it’s a written exam and I didn’t bring my #2 pencil?

DOC: Like I have money to buy a scantron to run this thing through. You just don’t make much money when you’re imaginary.

LRE: At least you’ve come to that realization. Okay, let me see here…

DOC: Ask me any questions you want.

LRE: How ‘bout if I just mention some of the more interesting questions as I answer them… solely for the entertainment purposes of the internet.

DOC: I won’t object.

LRE: Good, cuz it’s my blog, so my rules.

DOC: Go right ahead then little missy.

LRE: Okay… this one says, “You enjoy having a wide circle of acquaintances.”

DOC: Is there a choice that says, “Yes, on Facebook.”

LRE: That would be a good answer.

DOC: I know; I’m getting funnier all the time.

LRE: Let’s see another one… “You feel involved when watching TV soaps.”

DOC: Aren’t those on when you’re working?

LRE: Can you count Grey’s Anatomy?

DOC: It’s not quite the OC, but maybe.

LRE: I’m still answering no. Another… “You are inclined to rely more on improvisation than on careful planning.”

DOC: If you planned more carefully, you would be on time for appointments.

LRE: You’re imaginary… I don’t have a time for our appointments.

DOC: Thanks for the reminder.

LRE: But if I was a careful planner, I wouldn’t fit in with my family very well. I think we just have to find and marry careful planners… perhaps.

DOC: K, I’ll let you know if I find one for you.

LRE: Gee, thanks. Here’s another one… “You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose.”

DOC: Ha.

LRE: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

DOC: You don’t agree?

LRE: Well, yes, I do. That one does make me laugh a bit. Let’s find another then… “Your desk, workbench, etc. is usually neat and orderly.”

DOC: I’ve never seen your desk.

LRE: Me neither. I think it’s under the files, post-it notes, charts, and crossword puzzles somewhere.

DOC: Okay, so you’re done answering?

LRE: Yep. Here you go… now analyze me.

DOC: Let’s see… [insert Jeopardy music here] You are ENFP.

LRE: Wow; that’s what I got when I took it at work, too.

DOC: I’ll tell ya what… personality tests are a SCIENCE.

LRE: So what does it say about me?

DOC: Okay… you are more extraverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving than introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. You are a CHAMPION, which are rather rare, say two or three percent of the population, and you consider intense emotional experiences as being vital to a full life. You have a wide range of emotion and a passion for novelty.

LRE: And for novels.

DOC: Don’t interrupt.

LRE: I know; that was a dorky thing to say, too.

DOC: Ahem… Life is an exciting drama full of good and evil possibilities and you can’t wait to tell others about exciting experiences.

LRE: Seriously.

DOC: You often speak or write with the hope of revealing some truth about human experience or motivating others with powerful convictions.

LRE: Clearly, that’s what I do on this blog.

DOC: Clearly. You strive toward a kind of personal authenticity, but you can also tell what’s going on inside of others, reading hidden emotions.

LRE: Like right now, you’re hungry, but also thinking that I’m pretty cool being a CHAMPION and all.

DOC: Okay. But this part’s the best… You have a great deal of zany charm, outgoing, fun, warm, affectionate and disconcertingly spontaneous.

LRE: Did you say zany?

DOC: Definitely. On the flip side, though, you tend to get bored quickly, especially if a newer, more interesting project comes along. You’re also a procrastinator…

LRE: Duh.

DOC: …and don’t like to complete small, uninteresting tasks. You hate bureaucracy in principle and in practice.

LRE: Does that include political parties?

DOC: That’s rhetorical, right?

LRE: Maybe.

Go ahead… take the test yourself and see what it says: Jung Typology Test.

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