I am now afraid…

I have to tell you that for the first time today, I felt fear about the economy. Why today? Because the Senate vote for the stimulus bill takes place today at noon and it will pass. I really am afraid. Senator Hatch puts it well in an interview today on KSL. This interview is my quote of the week: Senator Hatch on Utah’s Morning News.

Here two of the best lines from it:

“The Democrats keep pushing for more and more spending and then they blame Republicans for doing it.”

“When you’re paying about $632,000 to $2 million per job that’s outrageous; it’s not a good deal for Americans.”

I’ve been reading a lot on this bill and the pork spending that’s hidden throughout. If you want to read what I’ve been reading about what’s included in the bill and why it should be feared, check out the links I’ve posted on Tumblr.



  1. Yeah, and this whole thing is political posturing on both halves. It’s ridiculous. For the last stimulus bill, which was just as stupid as this one, both Senators Hatch and Bennett voted for it. I got a long, not so cogent form letter, from Hatch explaining in vague terms why he voted yes. I didn’t even hear from Bennett. I personally believed they voted yes last time because it was pushed under Bush and voted no this time because it’s being pushed under Obama. That ticks me off to no end. Why don’t they all get some real lessons in economics and then go back and vote according to what could really fix our economy. Ok, off my soapbox now.


  2. At least you heard back from Hatch. I wrote Hatch, Bennett and Matheson on the last one and only heard back from Matheson. I wrote Hatch and Bennett for this one and haven’t heard a thing. Whatever.


  3. I am interested to go and read your articles. I’ve been listening to some talk radio… Glenn Beck and someone else that I don’t know his name. They talked a great deal about the pork spending. It’s all rather ludicrous. Thanks for the links.


  4. I am much the fan of Glenn so good choice. He’s one of the radio talking heads that I agree with the most. It’s nice to find people who are much smarter than me and have done all the researching already. Thank you Glenn.


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