Hockey is EXCITING

“What I got was a boring first period… seriously… if there were fish under the ice… you’d be able to hear them swimming…” ~Kaakun at a hockey game.


4 thoughts on “Hockey is EXCITING

  1. Oh crap… I thought these quotes came from the daily interactions you have with people!

    I heart my hockey. I heart my hockey more than baseball, futbol, tennis, curling, football, basketball.


  2. Soccer is ‘futbol’ silly Larrie…so I assume it is ranked third since his list is not alphabetized.

    Hockey players have mad skills, but it doesn’t mean their sport is interesting in the least. I don’t even like watching the highlights and I am an avid sports fan. I would put hockey in a list with curling. Cold, boring and Canada…nuff said.


  3. @jarv – I feel dumb now… I blame that on reading through the comments really fast so I can reply within the five minute time frame before websense comes in and kicks me out of the website… thanks, work, for blocking my own blog, sigh.


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