I Like to Doodle

LRE: I don’t write in my journals anymore.

DOC: Journals, PLURAL?

LRE: Yes, for different situations or moods.

DOC: Okay. I’ll pretend that’s normal.

LRE: It’s not like I have different journals for different personalities.

DOC: Are you sure?

LRE: Yes… one was for writing random thoughts, another for poetry, another for religious entries, and another for doodles.

DOC: Ha, I like saying the word, doodle.

LRE: Yeah, that’s a good one. Doodle.

DOC: Doodle.

LRE: Doodle.

DOC: So why don’t you write in your journals anymore?

LRE: I think because I can go to sleep at night now, once I get in bed.

DOC: Wow, what’s your trick?

LRE: Pantothenic acid and melatonin.

DOC: I was hoping for a more creative trick.

LRE: Oh, okay. I turn circles on my bed until the blankets are all twisted up like a king-size sheet in a top-loading washing machine, and then plop down and fall asleep.

DOC: Like a dog.

LRE: Woof.

DOC: So now that you sleep like a dog, you don’t write in your journals? What does sleep have to do with writing?

LRE: I used to write when I couldn’t sleep.

DOC: That probably just kept you up longer.

LRE: Oh, definitely.

DOC: Do you miss your journals?

LRE: Some. I think I’m missing out on remembering parts of my life.

DOC: Guess you have this blog.

LRE: I guess, but there’s rarely anything serious in here and it doesn’t exactly keep track of real events in my life. It’s more fictional than memoire-istic.

DOC: Like me.

LRE: Yes. And fiction lets me make up words.

DOC: Like memoire-istic.

LRE: Doodle.

P.S. Lance thinks I’m crazy because of Therapy Thursdays. Freddy told me the same thing months ago. Having an imaginary psychiatrist makes me crazy?


  1. I think having an imaginary psychiatrist makes you awesome.

    I like the word Doodle too.

    It is rather hard to imagine you being serious. I haven’t seen that side of you much.


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