Laughing, Despite the LOL

“You’re freakin’ hilarious. LOL! You are like a breath mint in a room full of halitosis.” ~Clancy

First, I must admit that I am not a fan of LOL and I can’t quite explain it, but Jarv and I agree and therefore forward each other the worst examples of the “offense” when our coworkers email it. Despite that, I love this comment that Clancy posted on my blog. It reminds me why I blog: to provide some laughter. And it should remind you that I read comments; PLUS, I respond to comments. So you should comment more. Any comments?


27 thoughts on “Laughing, Despite the LOL

  1. So, I’m pretty much famous now, right? Wow. I don’t know what to say.

    I am a registered LOL offender. I’m on the list. Don’t let your children near me. I might LOL all over them. I can’t seem to help myself. I have an LOL addiction.

    And it’s true folks. She is an excellent comment responder. In fact, Larrie/Fred and I have carried on whole conversations in her comment box. Or, well, we could.


  2. @clancy – ooo, there totally SHOULD be an LOL-offender list. the only thing, though, is that everybody but me (and my bro) would be on it so who’s the “normal” one?
    so, how’s your day going? (this is my conversing via comments)

    @braden – if you want to stay my friend, but watch your acronym use mister (p.s. nice red beard)


  3. In the end, it wasn’t too bad because I had pancakes for dinner, went to institute for the first time in many moons, and thought about homework (but didn’t actually do it tonight). Hooray me.
    I started reading your procrastination blog at work and totally related. Then I realized I was procrastinating work and needed to go back to that so I think I shall NOW go and finish reading. When are you going to bed?


  4. Never. I don’t go to bed.

    Well, ok, I’m going to go to bed after I do my blog post for tomorrow. My “jar” post.

    A day can only be categorized as “good” if it included pancakes.

    Look at our beautiful conversation. *wipes tear*

    I’ve determined that I’m going to recommit to my twelve steps. I’m back on the wagon. LOL is out of my life forever. Thanks, Larrie. You’re the best.


  5. Clancy, I am SO there for you. Seriously.
    We’re just a couple of procrastinators who don’t go to bed when they should, but at least I can help you work through the LOL withdrawal symptoms.
    You can do it!


  6. It’s true. We don’t know how to go to bed at a normal hour.

    Thanks for the encouragement. If you were here in person or I was there I’m sure I would be laying on a couch sobbing and you would be patting me on the shoulder. I won’t even think about typing that one thing. I won’t do it! I WON’T!!!!

    *bursts into tears again*

    I hope no one else, besides me, is subscribed to the comments on this post. If so they’re getting a very intimate conversation in their inbox. Sorry subscriber… Larrie/Fred is here for me. Don’t be jealous.


    1. Just remember, clanc… side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision; also, to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours

      oh, WAIT… that’s not the LOL side effects.

      Sorry, let’s try these: you won’t be able to properly describe your laughing in full words and before long you will find yourself using excessive emoticons and exclamation points; seek immediate medical attention if you find yourself falling on the ground and SAYING “LOL” over and over.


  7. Whatever Larrie or Fred or whoever you are! I thought you were my friend!!!! I’m just getting back on the wagon and you say THAT to me! I couldn’t control my LO… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am strong. I can do this. “I express my joy in whole words. Acronyms are for other people. I love to type the letters, I A-M L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G S-O H-A-R-D R-I-G-H-T N-O-W. Breathe in…. breathe out…

    Phew. I almost died laughing just now. And now that I’m more calmed down, I must apologize for my harsh words up above. I see the wisdom of your response. It’s like you’re giving me a little test. You are so smart and I’m so lucky.


  8. You can always try what my friend, Janet taught me:
    The more ha’s, the more you laughed.
    So you see how I typed exactly 18 ha’s so I about fell off the couch laughing, but thankfully DIDN’T since that would be mean to my laptop? I’d either have to throw the laptop at the cat in my guffawing or have to hold the laughter until I carefully set it on the couch next to me. The caution might kill the moment. Caution always does that.
    And just so you know, all of the above was said in a very serious, teacher-with-a-bun-in-dark-frames-and-pencil-skirt tone.


  9. You know what the funniest part of that last comment was? The image my mind conjured of you counting all the ha’s….12, 13, 14, 15, 16,….

    And you know what the second funniest part was? When you said, “the above was said in a very serious, teacher-with-a-bun-in-dark-frames-and-pencil-skirt tone.” I was laughing at it all until I read that and then I stopped laughing cuz I felt like I was in trouble. And then I laughed some more, cuz you know about me and trouble…

    Third was caution killing the moment.

    And there you have it. The gold, silver and bronze winners of your last comment.

    I also must say that I intuitively had a feeling about your L-O-L aversion. When we chatted on FB the other night, I lol-ed my little brains out and you never did. Not once. I started to get self conscious about it. I felt like it was a faux paus. It’s like you’re swearing your head off and you suddenly realize you’re talking to your bishop…. not that I’d know what that’s like.


  10. What a great dialog! A couple hours ago there were 2 comments. Now there are 14 (well, 15)!

    I’m proud to say that I think my fingers have typed the sequence L-0-L less than 5 times in my chatting career (the sad part is I didn’t know what the letters meant at first). It always felt awkward and a little bit teenage-girlish.

    Now I type, ‘laughing audibly,’ or ‘that caused mildly violent diaphragm contractions resulting a laughing sound.’ Sure, it takes a little longer to type but the images it conjures are sure more palatable than… well, you know the acronym.

    p.s. Are you mocking the red beard? And if so, you’re knocking my pillage-the-village Viking heritage.


  11. @clancy – I have never had somebody break down my comment like that before… talk about some deconstruction. I shall now call you jaques derrida.
    I never before realized that my aversion to the “LOL” could be subconsciously picked up on in chat. I wonder how many friends I have therefore unknowingly denigrated. To all you reading this now, I AM SORRY.
    P.S. I am SO not your bishop. swear away.

    @braden – see, that’s the problem with me being so facetious most of the time; nobody accepts my geniune compliments. are you going to pillage any villages this weekend?
    are you calling clancy teenage-girlish for typing LOL? oh… I just typed it… giggle giggle
    does anybody even think about what the acronym stands for when they see it or type it? maybe that’s why I don’t like it… I don’t actually get the visual like I do from reading “mildly violent diaphragm contractions…” and saying “LOL” just doesn’t roll off MY tongue


  12. I figure with the stall in the construction industry due to the whole economic thing, I’d start on DEconstruction. You know… yin and yang and all that…

    And I actually WOULD think “Laugh out loud” when I USED to type that one thing that I’m no longer typing. I said the words in my head as I typed.

    That was the coolest comment series in the history of blogging. Do you think they have comment awards? Best major comments? We’ll have to look into it.



  13. May the penitent comment? I should’ve jumped on this thread many days ago, but work and life got way in the way…I could make the procrastination excuse, but it really wasn’t that for once in my life.

    Larrie and I are cursed and blessed concurrently due to our side-splitting, knee-slapping senses of cynical humor. We succeed in making others laugh, but I somehow doubt the “out loud” portion of that confounded acronym. Each time someone I respect stoops the this acronymical level, my funny bone resorbs a tiny bit. Is it so hard to just type any of the following: hilarious, so funny, hee hee, classic, nice, or that is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life and will probably ever hear for the rest of my life?

    And I too was acronymically ignorant thinking “Lots of Love” was the meaning of today’s equivalent of “Nee” and its affect on the Knights who say it.

    We are no longer the knights who say “Nee!” We are now the knights who say “LOL!” I would gladly cut down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring to eliminate that horrendous acronym from existence.


  14. @jarv – you described it so well, thank you… now I should just copy and forward this on to coworkers and certain FB friends
    no wait, ikky-ikky-pootyang-ya-something-something


  15. LOL… Laryngitis frOm Laughing… Doesn’t happen that often that you are “laughing out loud” from an e comment…….


  16. Wow! Just re-read this whole string of comments and it’s freakin’ hilarious. I am proud to say that I’ve spent the last three years pretty much atrocious-acronym free. (I say pretty much because there are a few people who abuse it on chat windows and I throw one in here and there to make sure they understand me. That’s probably just exacerbating their addiction, but alas, I give in to peer pressure now and then. I am ashamed and, yet, unapologetic…)

    Thanks for the laughs, friend.


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