The Weekend Reviewed

It was a blessed weekend. One in which I forgot about homework (oops), forgot about work (mostly), forgot about politics (which scare me lately, see here), forgot about sleep, and drove a lot.

I love having blessed weekends. It’s good for the soul. I enjoyed going out for food, good company, a movie, some Wii, and a storm. So let’s do a review of each, how bout? Seems like an interesting way to share the details to the unknown internet to me.

The Pizza Factory

I live across the street from The Pizza Factory – it’s in the same building as Fat Cats. I could walk over there for dinner and it would take me five minutes. However, Friday night, I drove for about 40 minutes to get to this restaurant. Why? Because I didn’t go to the one across the street from me. I drove all the way down to Lindon so I could enjoy a carb fest (not crab, carb, like carbohydrate) with Megs and company. The cinnamon-sugar breadstick on-a-stick was tasty and makes you feel like a kid. I should eat more things on a stick besides just lollipops to stay young-at-heart. The rest of the food wasn’t as good as the company, but fresh parmesan on top is delightful. Mmm, cheese.


I know you probably like your friends, but they don’t compare to mine. Sorry. And this weekend, I spent plenty of time with some of those grand friends who I hadn’t seen for a time. Canadian friends make me laugh. Misfit friends make me feel comfortable. New friends remind me that the Larrie friendship curve is fading away*.

Benjamin Button

With one of my grand friends, Tiff, I went to a matinee. We enjoyed the good looks of Brad Pitt… well, he was good looking once he “grew down”. There were parts of the movie (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) that I loved—the black mother that loved an ugly baby because he was one of God’s children—and parts that I didn’t love—the dancer who I couldn’t see why Benjamin fell in love with her. But in the end, the water came pouring in and washed away the story, leaving only the memory of feelings behind. I do like movies that evoke a rainbow of feelings and thoughts. (Thinking about this makes me want to watch Out of Africa again.)

Wii Chi

I’ve always wanted to buy a gaming system for my home. At the top of the list would most likely be a Wii. After Saturday night, I realized why it was good that I hadn’t purchased anything, yet. I WOULD NEVER DO MY HOMEWORK. We played for four hours. And when we forced ourselves to stop, around 1:00 am, I was bummed. Just one more race, come on. We played the Wii Olympics where I failed horribly at swimming, but scored the only perfect 10 on the trampoline by a player who hadn’t played before. Put THAT on a trophy.

The Storm

I should have had Justin drive home instead of me because by the time I got home, my upper back was so tense, it took me a while to relax and finally fall asleep. Instead, I strained my eyes trying to see the lines on the road when the headlights were highlighting all of the huge snowflakes falling as we drove through Highland / Alpine.** It reminded of a Nintendo game I used to play at Lacy’s where we were flying through space, with all of the stars blasting past us and suddenly, a meteor would appear on the screen and we’d dodge: Left! Up! Up! Left! Right! Up! There weren’t any meteors while driving, it’s true, but the lines of the road wouldn’t stay in a straight line.

Yes, those were brief reviews that didn’t really do much of a job of painting the picture of such a fantabulous weekend. But I’m selfish and am keeping the best parts of my weekend to myself.

Life really is beautiful and while I have a tendency to fear a little when I read about the corruption in D.C., the government’s over-involvement in the economy, the current recession, and the cancellation of Pushing Daisies, I take heart when I find someone who reminds us of all the POSITIVE, and IMPROVING American life: “Why the Bush years weren’t so bad.” This was what I read this morning shortly after arriving to work. It was a nice way to start the week.

*I think that becoming friends with Monica first brought the friendship curve into existence. She survived a rigorous interview in the hot tub before joining a soccer team and then myself realizing that I’d found another amazing friend. Then I realized that this curve occurred with Megs, Lori, my sister… I have yet to experience the OTHER side of the curve and so at this time, do not believe that it exists.

**I blame my contacts, really, for being so dry from hours of playing Wii that I had to constantly blink, but then I kept forgetting the whole blinking thing because I was looking so intently for the lines of the road.



  1. Was that MY Lacy’s video game to which you referred? How freaky would that have been if there WERE meteors while you were driving? I like that you keep the best parts to yourself. Ya know… pearls before swine and all…



  2. Yes, that was YOUR Lacy’s video game… in the back family room where we would “thumb exercise” because if we said out loud we were going to play Nintendo, Taylor would have raced in there and started playing first.


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