Episode 32: Call Me Freddy

Freddy’s MIA this week. We have therefore, lost some of our multicultural influence in the group, but only slightly. Georgians, New Zealandites*, Persians, and Mormons are still represented. So we’ve had to manage this week without any African influence.

With Freddy out, he had to hand off his work to somebody else to cover. Lucky me. Mzia also drew the lucky straw. It required TWO people to replace Freddy.

And what do you think two geeky IT people did with the new, although temporary, assignments? We changed our names, of course.

When I pass Mzia, she says, “Hi Fred.”

I reply, “Hi Fred.”

When she leaves work, I say, “Bye Fred.”

She replies, “Bye Fred.”

This is SO hilarious; I was thinking I’d submit the script to The Office for a future episode.

Michael and Dwight could replace Toby for a time.

“Hi Toby.”

“Hi Toby.”

Snicker and Michael laughs out his nose.

I bet the cash brought in from selling such a side-splitting storyline would be enough to put in a new soundproof ceiling so I don’t hear my upstairs neighbor’s booty calls.

*I know that’s not considered correct, but I think it looks and sounds cool so I left it. Kiki would approve, I think.



  1. You know… ever since I started reading your blog I compare mine to it. I know that’s just not right, but I can’t seem to help it. I have blog envy.

    Thanks alot, Fred.


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