In Honor of CHEESE DAY!

“That’s not a flavor to me… hot. I like to taste cheese flavor. I like anything filled with MSGs.” ~Maren

According to my Nestle calendar, today is Cheese Day! Seriously. What a fabulous day. I’d like some Mac & Cheese for dinner. Any suggestions on a restaurant around Salt Lake that has a “gourmet” version?


  1. @clancy – I have the BEST calendar… came in the mail for FREE from Nestle and then, it tells me all of the food-related days. For instance, last week, the 15th was Strawberry Ice Cream Day. Next month, besides traditional Feb holidays, we also get to celebrate National Fettuccine Alfredo Day on the 7th. Bet you can’t wait.

    @carolyn – I was going to make my own baked mac & cheese and then I didn’t get off work until 7pm so I took your suggestion and picked up my dinner from Noodles and Company. thanks


  2. Yes, I love the Noodles version of mac & cheese, but I hear that Macaroni Grill (appropriately named)has a fantastically fattening one. (which means it must be way yummy)


  3. @mern – Ingrid said she left you string cheese in the fridge and you DIDN’T eat it.

    @linds – I’ve yet to eat the macaroni at the macaroni grill, hmm. But I LOVE drawing on the table. Not like that would surprise you any.


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