Episode 31: Having Left the Twilight Zone

I am SO looking forward to the holiday weekend. I haven’t had two days in a row off from work since before Christmas. And many of the hours I’ve been working since then have been between 5:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.

Life at work is starting to return to normal. Of course, normal is relative and I work in IT so normal is definitely NOT the same normal as the non-geek world’s normal.

If things are RETURNING to normal, than at some point previously, they were ABNORMAL. Well, I don’t know about you, but working all the time and not working regular shifts is not normal for me. Also, coming in every day and having 70+ unread emails is also not normal.* Of course, there were positives to the abnormality. There’s always a bright side to every dish of humble pie. These would include:

  • A decent parking spot (no walking miles in from the back of the parking lot; when you ARRIVE at 6:00 p.m. you park right next to the door)
  • No traffic (everyone is driving the OTHER way in the evening)
  • Being the most knowledgeable for IT issues on my shift makes me look GOOD
  • Working in our specimen processing department to support their issues means at least one date (and this was NOT with my “trashy” friend, Janet)
  • Working a different shift than the coworker that sits next to me and smokes
  • Ringing in the new year in one of our computer training rooms
  • Sleeping in!
  • Not getting up around the same time as the noisy upstairs neighbor
  • Watching bowl games on the TV in the break room**

We implemented a new computer system for our company, called Millennium. Considering we practically replaced the backbone of our system, things have gone well. But, of course, it was hectic and a bit frightening at times. I hope I don’t ever have to work a 16-hour day again, but now that I’ve put it in writing for all to see here, fate will make it happen. Still, we continue to get an email here or there about an issue. You should see how the end users spell things.

How hard is it to spell Millennium?

*Not ONE of these emails was junk mail. Every now and then, an email from Glenn Beck, TigerDirect.com or Facebook would sneak in to the mix, but the majority of the emails required working to resolve them.

**Oh, WAIT, that’s not positive. I’d rather have watched the games with friends or family on High Def, big screen TVs. Duh.

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