The DOC’s take on $1 Trillion

LRE: Hey Doc.

DOC: Hey to you.

LRE: Work’s busy so I only have a minute to stop in here today.

DOC: You haven’t even been in for weeks.

LRE: Right, sorry. Again; blame work.

DOC: Fine. Whatever.

LRE: Don’t take offense. At least I’m here today, even if it’s only brief.

DOC: Okay. I guess I could just ask one question then.

LRE: How about if I just ask YOU one question?

DOC: I’m not paid to ANSWER questions.

LRE: You’re not paid.

DOC: Ouch, that hurts.

LRE: You don’t really exist so how could you be paid?

DOC: Is that you’re question?

LRE: No. Rhetorical questions aren’t meant to be answered.

DOC: Fine then. Ask your one question.

LRE: Okay. Do you think the stimulus will help?

DOC: Uh… what?

LRE: The additional $1 trillion stimulus that’s been proposed?

DOC: You’re asking a political question?

LRE: Yes. It was suggested by Russell that I ask lots of people: Stopping the Stimulus.

DOC: I can’t even fathom a trillion. What about you?

LRE: I asked you. And I won’t taint your answer with my opinion.

DOC: Why not? You’re never one NOT to share your opinion.

LRE: Right. Maybe I’ll share it later. Maybe I’ll share what I wrote to my congressman and senators another time.

DOC: Maybe…

LRE: Maybe the internet has an opinion.


LRE: I don’t think you have to shout.

One thought on “The DOC’s take on $1 Trillion

  1. I guess my name is Internet cuz I’m answering. Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer. I am, quite possibly, the most uninformed person on planet earth. (unless it’s written on a blog)

    For example: I didn’t even know there was another proposed Trillion dollar stimulus until it was published on this ultra-informative blog. It doesn’t sound like it could be good to me though…. don’t we have any more proposed solutions? What’s your solution, Doc?


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