Episode 29: The Snow Made Me “Sick”

I think it was my sophomore year of high school when a blizzard hit my city of salt and saints. My parents checked the TV to see if they had cancelled school. Of course not. We don’t believe in snow cancellations in Utah. Dad got to work shoveling the walks and I wasn’t allowed to take my car to school. It took us about an hour before my dad was able to clear enough snow to get the Suburban out of the driveway. En route to East High, we passed an empty, tipped-over UTA bus on the side of the road.

I didn’t stay at school long. Only long enough to go inside, find out the teachers were all upset about having to be in school when the power was out, didn’t appreciate the cold temperatures INSIDE so I left.

Sometimes, the news in Salt Lake is PURE quality. Like this VERY important story from KSL: “Is snow reason to skip work?”

I just wanted to share with you all that I REALLY love my rear-wheel drive Volvo during and after blizzards. Especially now that I live DOWN the hill from work and all family members’ homes. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, try driving UP hill with rear wheel drive. It’s entertaining.

I’m at work today thanks to a ride from my Dad again… this time, in his Pilot. There aren’t many cars in the parking lot, but believe you me, the IT geeks are all here in full force. We can’t WAIT for the next two weeks and all the fun we will have covering random shifts. I’ll be working evenings/nights so the blogging may be sporadic.

One thought on “Episode 29: The Snow Made Me “Sick”

  1. i remember when it would snow out at high school… oh I guess 40 degree lows aren’t cold enough for that much snow… well. I guess my childhood was robbed… robbed i say.


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