Top 10 Sciolist Searches

There’s a lot of top ten lists out there with another year coming to a close so I, of course, thought that I would add to it. Here, for your brief entertainment, are the top 10 most interesante search terms strangers used to find my nifty little blog:

10. “Kevin m. kirker” – I have NO idea what it means either

9. forgiveness tattoo – lots of people looking for this branding

8. can you still feel when you are dead? – huh?

7. mother trample your daughter – I have NO clue

6. people think im crazy – I should be the #1 result there

5. highlights of little peoples soccer – somehow this links to my site?

4. chiropractic are there witchdoctors – anyone understand grammar?

3. old aunty peeing photo gallery – no additional comment needed

2. ma lego halo on ebay – can’t even venture a guess on that one

1. facebook statuses that cause reaction – because any other status is dull

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