Late to my Appointment – Blame the Toe

DOC: You’re late, hop-a-long.

LRE: Whatever. I blame my toe.

DOC: That’s the easy way out. Why don’t you try taking some responsibility already?

LRE: Well, you’re on one today.

DOC: What’s that supposed to mean… “on one.” On one what?

LRE: No clue. Don’t worry about it.

DOC: So your toe really made you hours late?

LRE: No. I just wanted to make you wait.

DOC: So considerate.

LRE: Oh, wait… AND it’s getting rather crazy at work lately. I hope they don’t make me come in on Christmas.

DOC: Would they?

LRE: Probably not.

DOC: Phew. So how is the toe?

LRE: Well, get this. I have green bone.

DOC: Whaaa? From eating too much asparagus?

LRE: No, no, no. That gives you stinky pee. TOTALLY different than green bone.

DOC: So does it mean that anybody who pinches you on St. Patrick’s Day deserves to get slugged?

LRE: Totally. I’m ALWAYS festive for THAT holiday.

DOC: Well, that’s interesting.

LRE: I know. The surgeon told me. It took him years and years before he finally figured out what caused it: Minocycline. Hooray for taking pills and being affected forever at the structural level.

DOC: Oo… let’s look it up. See? I bought an iPhone.

LRE: You don’t believe my surgeon?

DOC: Sure, why not. I mostly just wanted to brag to you about how I now have an iPhone and you DON’T.

LRE: Brag away; whatever.

DOC: Don’t pout. Oh here, here’s an article.

LRE: What’s it say?

DOC: Yep. Your surgeon is right. It says that bone discoloration is pretty rare, though. Oh COME on.

LRE: What?

DOC: I’d have to buy the article if I wanted to actually read whether or not the color affects the ability of your bone to heal.

LRE: Or you could just ask me what my surgeon said.

DOC: Okay, fine. What did your surgeon say?

LRE: That it doesn’t affect it.

DOC: That’s what he said.

LRE: So…

DOC: Okay, well, that was fun.

LRE: Yeah… looks like you really like your new toy.

DOC: FOR SURE. So what’s that you’ve got? A picture?

LRE: Yes. I brought it in for show and tell.

DOC: Okay, let’s have a look see.

LRE: Right… here’s my toe now.


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