It’s a Two-Fer Blog: A quote AND some rambling

I know, I’ve been missing in action for a little bit there from the blogging world. If you check in daily, you’ve been really lonely without me. So to say sorry, it’s a double entry today. First, the quote of the week:

“What if there’s a snowstorm and you live in Bountiful or Layton or where the elephants go to die like Fred?” –the Boss

Some of my coworkers live REALLY far away, apparently. I didn’t know that we had elephants in Utah besides in Hogle Zoo.

And now for a little bit of rambling:

So Saturday, there was quite a lovely little snowstorm and my toe did not appreciate it very much. I had quite a lengthy to-do list and I checked outside every ten minutes. I wasn’t looking for the snow to let up. I was looking for a snow plow to free my car. By two p.m., I finally braved the 4-6 inches of powder with my crutches and managed to slip and slide my rear-wheel drive Volvo out of the parking lot. Boo to an apparently crappy HOA that can’t get the lot plowed in a decent hour. Would they decide they’d need to charge me $100/month more just to do that? (I still can’t believe I didn’t hear about the meeting when they appointment board members because I would SO be on it.)

I just wanted to share with you that having toe surgery in time for the snow is a little bit of an issue. Thankfully, I can now ditch the crutches (the doctor said it would be okay, Grumma). That doesn’t mean, though, that if the snow falls any higher than my little surgical “boot” that my toes won’t get all wet and cold. Oh, poor me.

I went to my post-op appointment today. They took out the stitches, I found out I have green bones from minocycline, and I saw lots and lots of people in there with “boots” on, too. Then I looked at those people and saw all older or overweight people. I’ll stop complaining because thankfully, I’m still fairly young and in shape so it’s for durn sure that it’s easier for me to get around in the snow with a bum toe than it is for those other people.

Stay tuned for an updated x-ray of the new bionic toe! (probably Thursday)


  1. Ya, so, I was wondered about that…

    Just as I subscribe to her blog she goes MIA. Is it me? Do my cyber-feet stink? Do I have something in my bloggy-teeth?

    And then, she posted. Maybe it’s not me after all.


    1. @clancy – yes, it would have been your fault if I went MIA… I can’t believe that you have the audacity to read my blog and KEEP coming back…


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