Comment NOW to Get a Chance to Write my Paper

DOC: Missed ya last week.

LRE: I know, right? Must be rough having to go so long without seeing Larrie.

DOC: Tell me about it.

LRE: I just did.

DOC: Well, how did the surgery go?

LRE: Great. Why don’t you just read my blog yourself and find out?

DOC: Because I don’t actually exist.

LRE: Good to know that you’re finally grasping this concept.

DOC: Yup; I’m an old dog and that’s a new trick.

LRE: Amazing.

DOC: So I was thinking that we could talk about how you’re handling the stress of the holidays.

LRE: Stress? Are you kidding me?

DOC: Um, no. I think I was pretty serious.

LRE: Okay, fine. Perhaps I should be more stressed and that would force me to really sit down and get my final paper written already. Instead of doing it the night before.

DOC: So you’ll never not procrastinate?

LRE: Maybe; watch out with your double negatives.

DOC: Double negatives?

LRE: Don’t worry about it. Just being an English nerd.

DOC: An English nerd who hasn’t written her paper yet.

LRE: Well, it’s just a little bit difficult getting excited over a paper on XML and technical writing. I’ve done some research, but getting to the next step and putting together a first draft just hasn’t happened yet.

DOC: Isn’t it a bit difficult to write a first draft the night before it’s due?

LRE: Perhaps. It just means that the first is very similar to the final draft.

DOC: Good luck getting that published.

LRE: Gee, thanks, mister.

Political Link Cartoon of the Day: “Shouldn’t Somebody Be Rowing?


  1. I write first drafts the night before things are due too! We are sooo friends. In fact I have a whole weekend of first drafts before finals. Did I mention I’m justifiably panicked?

    We need to celebrate after this whole semester is over.


  2. How did the paper turn out? I always procrastinate , but then they are crappy cuz I’m a sucky writer. You can get away with last minute papers, English nerd.


  3. @clancy – wow, that breath mint quote might deserve a spot on the quote of the week sometime

    @katie – YES, WE MUST CELEBRATE!

    @kow – I haven’t heard from my professor yet about the state of my paper. I handed it in two minutes before the due hour… of course. I’ll let ya know when I hear back, though.


  4. Wow… I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago that you’re really good at responding to comments. Now I’m checking all the ones I’ve commented on before. I would be SO honored to someday have a quote on this here blog! WOw. I just wouldn’t know what to say!


  5. @clancy – I am the QUEEN of replying to comments… that and being a triple threat.
    breath mint quote has been added to the quote of the week queue. bet you’re now waiting with abated breath to see when it gets published


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